Compass Rose Images

795 Lily Bay Road #701

Beaver Cove, Maine 04441




Compass Rose Images was established by sisters Shelley Lance-Fulk and Jacklyn Amtower.  We have all had a passion for traveling the world and photographing wildlife. We have been to all seven continents several times to enrich and expand our collection of animal photographs.


We reside in a small community in Central Maine where the abundance of local critters, moose, deer, raccoon, fox, and birds (not to mention our Goldendoodle, Latte, and golden retriever, Bailey) keep us amused and reaching for our cameras. We travel three to six months each year to capture images of wildlife from animal-rich regions around the globe.

During the summer months, we can be found sharing our passion for wildlife at Arts and Crafts Fairs in our region. 

As we reviewed all of our photos and recalled the stories that went with them to include in our books, we were brought back in time to the wonderful travel adventures we have had.  We hope you will love them as much as we have loved the experiences.  For those of you that we have had the pleasure of traveling with, we hope you will recognize the stories and photos we have included. 

More information about ordering our books and photos here.