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Girl With A Glass Heart
Roberta Mershimer

South Paris, Maine


IG @girlwithaglassheart

Custom stained glass designs from the western foothills of Maine.

My love affair with stained glass started with an adult education class about thirty years ago. I was looking for a way to get out of the house and meet some people. It was an eight week course and you would walk away with some knowledge and a couple of sun-catchers. I knew at the end of the second week that I was addicted. I went out and purchased all the equipment I would need to continue after the class ended. 


Stained glass is deceptive. Laying flat on a surface or leaning against the wall of a bin, it appears flat, dull and cold. Once it is held to the light the truth comes out. There is color, depth, temperature, texture and movement. Within a single sheet of glass, the perception will change. Turn the sheet and there's even more as the light picks up variances. Figuring out how to cut and use that glass to share a vision is magical.


Initially, I did the small gifts for friends and family. Everyone I know has a sun-catcher (whether they liked it, or not). As I practiced and my confidence and skills increased, I made lamps, boxes and cabinet door fronts. I started a year ago using snowshoes as the frame for my pieces. They go hand in hand with animals and nature and have a unique look.


I am very frugal and kept every small piece of leftover glass sorted out by color. Once I saw a stained glass mosaic application, I knew I had an outlet for all my scraps. I work with older mirror, window and picture frames. I like the idea of something that has outgrown it's original use(fulness) and giving it a new purpose. The coupling of old architecture and colored glass is meant to be.


My personal favorite topic is animals and nature. I do not use patterns made available to the public. I prefer to look at a good photo and translate to sketch. I think your outcome is more realistic when done this way.


Currently, I have pieces available at Food For Thought - 446 Main Street Norway, Maine.