Jillian Herrigel


112 Wallace Circle

Phippsburg, ME



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"I find the act of painting, drawing or creating in any medium to be an intuitive process. Inspiration can occur from a variety of sources, from the simple and mundane to the transcendent and powerful. Often times the completed work is far different from the original idea, as natural associations in the act of creation allow for unexpected concepts and surprising representations to emerge. If I had to describe my work in two words it is, imaginative realism."




Born in Surrey England, Jillian grew up in Northern Virgina.  Earning a degree in Art History and later a Masters in Fine Arts education she taught elementary school for 14 years whilst raising 3 children of her own in Chatham, New Jersey.

Having summered and continuing to summer with her husband and children on the coast of Maine Jillian retired in 2006 from teaching to pursue work as an artist full time.

Jillian’s work can currently be seen at:


Center Street Gallery, Bath ME

East Village Gallery, West Point, Phippsburg, ME