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Opportunity for Maine Craft Weekend- OCTOBER 14 AND 15


We are organizing a group show at Canaan Farmers Hall (formerly Canaan Grange) in Canaan on October 14 and 15th, in conjunction with Maine Crafts Weekend.  We are hoping to serve as a hub for northern Maine artists and get the word out that art is ALIVE in northern Maine.  

This show is specifically for those artists who want to participate in the Maine Crafts Weekend Event but are far apart geographically and so attract fewer visitors.  By banding together we can create a greater presence and more attention and hopefully more sales for northern Maine artists.  We want to create a destination for those curious art lovers out there.  We are not coastal artists; we are rural artists/artisans!!!  And we are proud of that fact.  


The venue:  

Canaan Farmers Hall is a huge old grange hall with two floors.  We envision the upstairs being used by two dimensional artists and the downstairs by craftsmen, artisans, jewelers.

We will provide 2D artists with two screens each set up as a V. The screens are 30 inches wide and 7 feet tall and can be used and viewed on all four sides. Drapery hooks will also be provided.  The tables are 30 inches wide and 8-10 feet long.  They will be draped with white table cloths.

There are two bathrooms on site and ample electrical access.

We will be providing a food booth throughout the day on both days.  This is for visitors as well as artists.


The cost:

Spaces are available for a whopping $25 per artist and an additional 5% of all sales payable to Canaan Farmers Hall.  Canaan Farmers Hall is a non-profit organization.  You will be provided with a tax document at the end of the show to use for your tax records.

To secure a space send your check for $25 made out to Canaan Farmers Hall by September 20th.  CFH, PO Box 294, Canaan, ME 04924. This is a nonrefundable reservation/donation.  You may reserve more than one spot but not more than two at $25 per space.  You may share a space but the fee is per artist.

If you want to participate but cannot or do not want to sit with your work for the two days, I will be available for sales for an additional 10% paid to Canaan Farmers Hall.


This is for 2D and larger sculptures only.

We strongly encourage artists/artisans to both stay with their booths and also demonstrate their craft if they possibly can.  Education of what we do and who we are is key to success.  


Sign up:

I would like to reserve a space at the Canaan Farmers Hall venue on October 14 and 15.


I am a 2D artist and require vertical hanging space.______ 


I prefer a table space.  _________


My Name __________________________


My Art/Craft________________________


My email ___________________________


My Website info_____________________


Enclosed is my check for $25, made payable to Canaan Farmers Hall.  I understand that this is a nonrefundable donation and will secure my space for both October 14 and October 15 at Canaan Farmers Hall.

Please mail the above info to Canaan Farmers Hall, PO Box 294,Canaan, ME 04924 by September 20.

If you need further information, you may contact Kathleen Perelka at kperelka@myfairpoint.net or call 474-6168