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MaryAnn Anderson
The Anvil and Needle

266 Frederick Corner Rd.

Norridgewock, Maine


IG @Backwoods_Stitcher

FB @MaryAnn.Anderson

Etsy @anvilandneedle

The work that engages me the most I learned from my mother and grandmother.   

To stitch is a form of homage and meditation that connects me with years of history. The repetitive movement of the needle moving in and out of fabric creates an internal rhythm.  
The pieces themselves, some perform a function and others are purely decorative, are derived from my need to take the tools in front of me and create a visual connection with nature. 

Each stitch connects my past with the present, the natural world with the man-made world.  Each piece relies on repetitive patterns and forms that are organic in form.

I stitch and dye with items that have been massed produced, some vintage, into items that still speak of the uniqueness of the human experience in a changing world.

The Anvil and Needle


Steve and I have decided to open a small showroom in Norridgewock, Maine. We will have our own work on display, for sale, and occasionally other artists as well.


Our work is a mix of Steve's blacksmith art, found object sculpture for the home and garden and my fabric art, which encompasses dying, quilting and painting with embroidery.


We sometimes even collaborate on pieces. Which is hard because we both have very different working styles.

Check back soon or email us for our opening date.

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