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Calling Artists: Library Exhibit & Interview Series

Local radio station WXNZ wants to interview artists. Earl Boyd (Jitterbug Jimmy on the radio), has a radio show called "The Guest Room" on Hooskow Radio in Skowhegan. They are building a fun lineup already and are looking for artists and artisans to chat with. If you're interested write boydnest1 at

The Farmington Public Library is promoting a fundraiser for the library:


How it works from the organizer, Phil Poirier:

This is an ongoing series of shows within the library, with each artist having their pieces (8-10) up for two months, with an opening evening event (with light refreshments). There’s no deadline, just a matter of scheduling. The library asks the artist to donate one piece (obviously a print, unless the artist wishes to donate an original.

There is an ongoing raffle, which concludes with the end of the show. The raffle drawing gets a shot of PR, touting the generosity of the artist (with contact info, website etc) . Tickets are bought in person, and the library staff does a pretty good job of making the sell.

Right now we are only booked through June.

Interested? Contact Phil Porirer philpoi-at-gmail.

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