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News from Allagash Tails

Update: 2/16/20

From Tim Caverly, Allagash Tails:

April 4th I am scheduled to present a power point program ‘So You Think You Know Maine’ at 4pm at the Carrabassett Valley Public Library.

We are pleased to announce that next August 14th, 15th and 16th Bangor’s Penobscot Theater will prese

nt the stage production of our popular story An Allagash Haunting.

Join us for this exciting mystery from the Banks of the wild Allagash River. For complete list of schedule information check out my schedule under the events link on our website at


Dear Friends,

I wanted to share that this April my wife and I will be brining our Allagash Tails Literacy outreach to the Carrabassett Valley.

Thanks to the support of the Library on April 2nd we will be visiting the Kingfield and Stratton Schools. Then, tentatively, we will be speaking at the Carrabassett Valley Library on Saturday. April 4th. Although that date may change to an earlier day of the week as the time draws near.

The members are welcome to join me as their schedules allow. A full list of where we’ll be presenting may be found under the events link on our website at as well as descriptions of our student and adult programs.

Often when we visit schools, individuals and organizations will sponsor my books to hand out to the students after my program. We do have a 501c3 fiscal agent if there is anyone who would like to sponsor books to the schools.

We send best wishes for a very prosperous and Happy New Year are looking forward to joining everyone at this years Homecoming.


Tim & Susan

Tim Caverly

220 Morgan Lane

Millinocket, Maine 04462

Phone (207) 907-0517

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