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Notes from the Board: April 2019

Updated: May 6, 2019

UCA Officers 2019-2020 have been elected:

Kathy Perelka – President Karen Campbell - Vice President

Paula Wade - Treasurer

Jean Benson – Secretary

At the most recent UCA membership meeting UCA financials, with review of 2018’s expenditures and 2019’s budget, dominated. Advertisement of our show is our greatest expense. we will be doing a much more targeted ad campaign this year. There was a budget overrun in 2018; multiple steps are being undertaken to prevent this recurring.

As a result, we are unable to expand our scholarships to three this year, as was decided in the Annual Meeting. There will be 2 scholarships of $1500 each, with plans to expand to 3 in 2020, if possible.

We were delighted to have several new members present at the last meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate. New ideas and folks willing to help execute our vision are always welcome.

Kathleen Perelka, President

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