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Only one spot left! Co-Op Ad in October Downeast Mag

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Hi UCA Sugaloaf Show Artists! 

Liz Stefany has one more spot open for the co-op ad in the October issue of Downeast magazine. Cover: "Western Maine Foliage Roadtrip".

Join Liz Stefany, Kathy Perelka and Wendy Webster Good in the layout. The artists will get targeted advertising of their work, and the overall ad promotes the Sugarloaf Art Show. 

The 1/3 page vertical edge they've selected is only $237.50 per spot. This layout offers the greatest visual impact upon the reader. 

Commitment is needed by August 6th. Artwork files and payment by August 8th.  

Please email Liz Stefany @ to reserve the spot today!

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