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Sugarloaf Homecoming Show Poster Art Contest

UpCountry Artists will be holding a the annual Sugarloaf Homecoming Poster Art contest again this year.

The member whose art is chosen will receive $250. The art will be used on all advertising material, including posters, rack cards, ads and other media outlets.

The deadline for submission is June 1, 2020.

Art must be sent to Kathleen Perelka and will be judged by the UpCountry Artists board.

In addition to posters to be distributed by members for the Sugarloaf Art Show, 8.5 X 11 posters printed on better quality paper will be created to sell for $5.00 as a fundraiser for the UpCountry Artists scholarship fund.

There will also be posters from past shows available for sale for $5. Be sure to collect yours. As the years go by they will become collectors items.

Posters will be on sale at the UpCountry Artists booth at the art show. Also at the booth will be available brochures about UpCountry Artists, membership, sponsorship and community partnership involvement.

Additionally, artists will be given an opportunity to buy the two sandwich board reproductions of their artwork by either donating a percentage of the cost of the art reproduction to UCA, or reducing their $250 winning earnings, or not.

Start working on your submissions now and send it in. Email:

Looking forward to seeing this year's creative expressions!

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