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UCA News: The President's Letter

The 2019 Sugarloaf UpCountry Artist Show was a huge success this year by all accounts!! Attendance on Saturday seemed way up from past years. Agreed part of that was due to weather but sales were up too which is the real proof of the pudding.

The show looked great!!! People’s booths looked the best ever. All of this helps with sales.

Our advertising is paying off. I had a number of people mention the Downeast ad to me,

and most of them were not Sugarloafers but came because of the advertising and the foliage. We did advertise the foliage!!! The multiple ads in Downeast, thank you Liz

Stefany and Claudia Diller seemed to have an impact because several folks mentioned it.

We have volunteers to run the raffle booth next year for both days!!! Yay! Shamira and

her Mom and a few MECA students are planning on taking that job over. I’m working

with them to see if they want to hire themselves out for booth set up and take down

assistance, also to do lunch runs and booth sit; more to come on that later.

Everything seemed very positive all in all! Life is good!!

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