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Cherie Giampietro
Ceramic Design by Cherie

Farmington, ME

FB: CeramicDesignbyCherie

Insta: @CeramicDesignByCherie

Etsy: @CherieGiampietro

Since first learning to turn at the wheel⏤about 25 years ago⏤I’ve wholeheartedly followed my passion for creating beautiful, useful ceramics. Made of stoneware, my pottery is wheel-thrown and/or hand-built. Glazes are hand prepared by me following established recipes. My work is fired in oxidation⏤my electric kiln.

I am inspired by what is familiar to me⏤the feeling of cozy pottery in hand, natural hues, calming patterns, and earthy textures. Using my handmade ceramics at home makes me happy. I hope that something I’ve made will bring you joy too!

Photo Credit:

@Jaime Lynn Photography in Farmington, Maine

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