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Sasha Lennon Pottery

Carrabassett Valley, Maine​

FB: sashalennonpottery

Insta: @shalennonpottery

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Hello! I am Sasha, the creator of Sasha Lennon Pottery. Every pot is handmade from start to finish by me—from clay on the wheel to firing in the kiln to every dot or line on the surface. 


There are inherent boundaries when working with clay. The medium can only be pushed so far before collapsing or made to move in specific ways without cracking, and the glazing process, more often than not, is unpredictable and confounds expectations. I find working in a structured and organized way is a source of comfort that provides space for creativity and clay adheres perfectly to this premise.


Characterized by systems, by the order of physical and chemical processes, nature is nonetheless enormously creative. My work reflects this flourishing within constraints by referencing aspects of the natural world—inspiration drawn from the growth patterns of plants lend my forms an organic quality. The decoration I apply toes the line between order and randomness and I want the tactile and colorful surface to embrace the colors, patterns, and movement that characterize flourishing ecosystems.


The historical utilitarian role of pots is what drew me to ceramics. I want to bridge the gap, traditional in the West, between art and objects for everyday use. I am inspired by both historical and contemporary ceramics and I want my pots to be both usable and aesthetically pleasing. I believe that handmade objects can make meaningful, however incremental, contributions to communities by connecting the maker and user in ways that are often lost in a globalized world that incentives mass production, and I want to offer handmade and beautiful pots to my own community.


The product of many years of learning and growing, my pots are dedicated to my grandfather, Jack White, for his unwavering love, support, and joy in my artistic career. 

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