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Kathleen Perelka

242 Pinnacle Road

Canaan, Maine 04924



Pastel is my medium. I love its immediacy and vibrancy. I love the way the stick feels in my hand and that there is no brush or pencil or implement of any kind between my hands and the surface I’m working on. Pastel has a sparkle that no other medium can compare with; each little particle reflects both color and light giving the painting a life force of its own. 


My work is based more and more on land preservation.  Farms, marshes and blueberry fields are my main subjects.  Land in these critical areas are important to all of us, whether for food production or environmental and ecological health.


My art style is at once impressionistic, expressionistic, and realistic. I always represent real places. I don’t strive to capture every little detail. Instead, I am looking to capture the essence of a place, a time of year or a time of day.

See my original work: 



call 207-474-6168 for appointment


Edgecomb Pottery Gallery

Commercial Street, Portland

Edgecomb Pottery, Edgecomb

Edgecomb Gallery, Portsmouth

Edgecomb Gallery, Bar Harbor


Originals, prints, calendars, and cards 

Archipelago Gallery

Maine Street, Rockland

Maine Center For Craft

Maine Turnpike in Gardiner

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