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Grey Goose Gourmet
Sandra Dwight-Barris

My name is Sandra.


I'm the pepper jelly creator, cook and owner of Grey Goose Gourmet; where the kitchen is the heart of my business.  When I am not making pepper jellies, you can find me either in our 1850's barn shop, my garden, a farmer's market, or at a festival sharing the pepper jelly love.  


I enjoy creating these wonderful pepper jellies in the solitude of my own home at any time of the day, especially on a cold winter's night when it is so peaceful: the dogs are nestled in their beds, Norman (my husband) is sleeping (snoring) and the wood stove is burning. It's a true love from the heart. Making and sharing this simple but amazingly delicious food and all it’s goodness is my passion.


Perfect Hors d'oeuvre - with a simple block of cream cheese placed on a platter, topped with a generous amount of pepper jelly and served on a cracker. 


Fresh Ingredients - made with garden fresh peppers (ranging from sweet and mild to hot and spicy) and other natural ingredients such as pure cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, wholesome fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs.

Visit us at the Sugarloaf Homecoming Art Show

October 6 and 7

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