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The Purple Shed Woodworks, LLC
Jason and Renee Ledoux

West Paris, Maine



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IG @PurpleShedWoodworksllc

After losing our Dad to cancer in 2016 my brother and I began to reflect on what we wanted for our lives ahead. We processed this loss in different ways.  I spent a lot of time traveling, and my brother used his woodshop as a creative outlet. This past fall, I decided I would quit my job as a nurse and find a new career path to embark on. My brother frustrated with his job, left his behind as well.


One night, over dinner with our mother, we both were venting about job hunting. We began to discuss how frustrating it was applying to jobs we didn’t feel passionate about. Then we started discussing how our father had worked for himself for many years, so we asked ourselves, why couldn’t we? With Jason’s talents and knowledge of the building business and my attention to detail, need for organization and outgoing personality we thought- Why couldn’t we make it work?  We wanted to start a company we believed in, a company that sells beautiful woodworks for everyday use and that are built to last. Countless conversations later, we decided to just go for it! Trying to come up with different names, we decided on Purple Shed Woodworks LLC, my brother's shop is literally a purple shed! We invite you to check out our products and follow us on this journey as our company begins to grow.

Let the adventure begin!

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