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Silver Beehive Studio
Steve Mitman

Strong, Maine

FB: Silver-Beehive-Studio

Released in the Summer of 2019, the Archetype Texture Collection is the first collection offered by the Silver Beehive Studio!  Sterling silver textured bands fabricated from both natural and human-made sources look great on both men and women.


Over 2.5 years of experimentation has resulted in over 600 ring designs in 16 different collections. At the core of this body of work lies the textured band.  The Archetype (def: recurrent symbol or motif in art, literature, or mythology) Texture Collection is common to much of our work, and it seems appropriate to begin our public offering here. 

Designed and cast in our rural Maine studio and sold all over the world.  Make your statement, express your creativity: Silver Beehive Studio.

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