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Jeff Seaberg

Jeff Seaberg Gallery

Rangeley, Maine

FB: jeffseabergart

This page is dedicated to my artwork and my ongoing push to become, "the first great artist of the 21st century."


Jeff Seaberg studied Fine Art at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, receiving a bachelor’s degree in 1993. He attended their summer program in Viterbo, Italy exploring and studying painting. In 1997, Jeff spent the year developing his caricature skills at Horton Plaza and Old Town State Park in San Diego, California as well as showing his paintings at coffee shops.


In 1999, Jeff became a volunteer with a non-profit group called WorldTeach, teaching English in a small town called Pueblo Nuevo de Abangares in Costa Rica. He used art and song to help educate the children in learning English.

Jeff was raised in New England as the son of an Architect and Interior Designer. His passion for travel began while sailing on the Cape and Islands with his parents; sketching their destinations became a family past time. This charted him on a course of adventure and creativity traveling in Europe and Latin America.


He works mostly in acrylic, moving paint across the canvas in an expressive and fluid manner that is bold and dynamic. Interviewed by South Shore Living Magazine, Jeff describes his artwork as “Abstract Realism.” The subjects he chooses are places or objects seen through Jeff’s perspective, albeit abstracted with vibrant color and enthusiasm.

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