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Steve Anderson
The Anvil and Needle

266 Frederick Corner Rd.

Norridgewock, Maine


IG @crookedlegforge

FB FoundObjectArt

Etsy @anvilandneedle

I've been working with metal for years, originally acquiring welding skills at technical school in the late nineteen seventies. Creating found object art was a natural outcome of my habit to squirrel things away alongside my sometimes quirky and edgy, creativity.

I now am the proud owner of a big old pile of scrap metal, whenever I need a little bit of a push as to what to create next I’ll spend some time going through that pile. Sometimes an object will tell me just what it wants to be in its re-incarnation as a piece of art, other times I've got to struggle with it when I have a feeling that there's got to be something I can do with an interesting piece of rusty scrap metal.

What still amazes me after working with metal all these years is just how plastic it is when it's heated to a bright orange or yellow heat. I'm slowly moving into more forging and blacksmith work and have built an old fashioned coal forge so I can pursue artist blacksmithing.

The Anvil and Needle


Steve and I have decided to open a small showroom in Norridgewock, Maine. We will have our own work on display, for sale, and occasionally other artists as well.


Our work is a mix of my blacksmith art, found object sculpture for the home and garden and MaryAnn's fabric art, which encompasses dying, quilting and painting with embroidery.


We sometimes even collaborate on pieces. Which is hard because we both have very different working styles.

Check back soon or email us for our opening date.

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