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Diana Thomas Studio

162 Reeds Mill Road

Madrid Twp, ME 04966



FB:  ekobanz

Insta: @ekobanz


After 25 years of making wood fired pottery I started eko-banz. It began with the simple notion of making hats and other ski accessories for my son, which quickly grew to include other family members and friends.


Shortly thereafter I opened an Etsy Shop and developed my own website. So different from clay, I embraced the clean ease of sewing with beautiful fabrics and the simplicity of sending things out in a poly bag!


The colors and patterns are energizing, and sourcing eco-friendly textiles allows me to offer boutique quality items that are kinder to wear and gentler on the planet.


Following this new and different path, one thing has led to another! I’m learning about fabric printing and design to create my own textiles, and also work with indie artists, printing their original artwork on a performance lycra blend. The artist receives 10% of the fabric price and the printing process consumes no water, uses non-toxic inks, and wastes less fabric than traditional methods by only printing each customer’s order.


From start to finish it brings me great pleasure to work with the bold and colorful textiles to create items that are not only practical but bright, beautiful and fun!

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