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No Repeats Fiberworks
Jo Eaton 

5 Country Lane

Gorham, ME 04038



Crocheting allows a freedom of design that I find nowhere else. I start with a single thread and create a human version of a spider’s web. Just like the spider, I take the hook and a single strand of fiber and make hats (sometimes scarves, pins, or socks) that are a delight to both sight and touch. The structure of crochet allows me to do free form design within the structure of the hat and also in flowing patterns embellished in the same or contrasting colors on the hat.

Beautiful yarns allow me to celebrate the colors of my life in Maine in hats that delight, entertain and warm the people that wear them. Our winters are long and gray; my intent is to bring smiles to peoples faces and gardens to the streets.  It is really fun to be in one of the communities where people have really embraced my hats and you see the bright colored flowers walking down the street in a snowstorm (this happened a couple of days ago as I was telling my hairdresser about the hats and a grey chenille with yellow tulips and green leaves walked past her window).

I love the yarns as much as making the hats and consider finding what I need to work with a discovery process. I go to mills, yarn shops, shop online, and go to the Common Ground Fair in Maine each year that is hosted by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc. They have a whole forty by one-hundred-foot tent dedicated to just raw fleece. My favorite fleeces come from Joe and Judy Miller who imported Australian sheep of a variety of lustrous colors. I love their subtle grays, creams, and light browns. Another fleece that I favored came from a sheep that used to be at Woodstock Farm in Hampden, Maine, his name was Robert. He had a very long silky fleece that spun easily and created a pure white yarn with a luscious soft sheen that also took dyes beautifully.

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