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Linda Healy
Tidal Weaves


After sitting at the loom, I head outside. Weaving and walking are interlaced. As I move through the natural world, from the coast through the forest to the mountains of Maine, I collect colorways, patterns and inspiration to bring back to the studio.

As a weaver, my designs are rooted on a grid of warp and weft. I am drawn to the aesthetics of my Swedish heritage and historic Scandinavian weaving techniques. I take pride in creating finely crafted textiles for the home. Using cotton, linen, hemp, wool and mohair I weave colorful kitchen towels, blankets, rag rugs and tapestries.


I am drawn to the craft of weaving because it combines the physical skills and coordination needed to work the loom with material intelligence, a concept that reaches beyond textiles. It’s knowing the right material, the right design, and the right tool for a job; knowing how to make, fix, adapt or design to your liking and needs. There's always something to learn.

I live and weave in Newcastle, Maine.

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