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Board Meeting Report - 6/2/20

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The scheduled Board meeting was called to discuss general issues re: UCA Show 2020, scheduled for October 10-11, and to jury those applications received so far. Board members present: Kathy Perelka, Karen Campbell, Paula Wade, Jean Benson. We continue to plan as if the show will happen. There are too many unknowns to make a firm decision about this at the point; the ultimate decision will be made in early September unless there is a firm decision made by the Governor or the CDC causing show cancelation prior to then. The show fee checks that applicants have sent are being held until a decision is made. We will attempt hold show-related costs as low as possible until the determination is made that the show will go on. We have decided that rack cards, which refer to the UCA website, are worth the estimated $125 to produce and disperse as they help advertise our artists and are thus valuable even if the show is cancelled.  Other planned advertising will be  capped at about $1,000. We feel that risking these monies is warranted by the return if the show goes on, and by keeping our group in the minds of our audience if the show is lost for this year.  Thirty-four applications have been received by up-to-date UCA members so far. These were juried during the meeting. The represented work is lovely and should create an exciting show! Applications received after today will go through the rolling jury process we utilized last year. Last year there were 65 artists. This show may be limited to a smaller group as, due to infection issues, we may have to spread out more within the available room, and may have to institute other distancing measures to eliminate crowding. We are maintaining ongoing discussions with Sugarloaf, which is being advised closely by the CDC, as to advisable measures.  There are 10 beautiful works up for the Poster Contest. All Board members are requested to vote by email (sent to the Board) for the winner. Please vote this week! Next meeting: August 28, 10AM at KC Kreativity in Carrabassett Valley.

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