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Interested in a co-op ad in Downeast Magazine? Click here!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hi UCA members! 

I have been hard at work making mock-layouts for a co-op ad to be put in the October issue of Downeast magazine Cover: "Western Maine Foliage Roadtrip". 

The artists that come together get targeted advertising of their work, and the overall ad promotes the Sugarloaf Art Show. 

I have made two options, based on 4 artists advertising.  The 1/4 page would be $150 each.  The 1/3 page vertical edge would be $237.50 and I think would have much greater visual impact upon the reader.  If more artists are interested, we can go bigger!


DEADLINES: Initial interest - July22.  Final commitment - July 27th  Artwork files and payment - August 1st.  

Please email me at!  

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