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Updated Holiday Appearance Schedule: Allagash Tails New Release - The Ranger's Wife

Updated 11/24:

Now Available-New book

from Allagash Tails

“The Ranger’s Wife"

Third volume in the saga of Ranger James Paul Clark. Following Solace and The Ranger and the Reporter. 

Holiday Schedule for Allagash Tails:

November 11/29-30th United Maine Craftsmen 45th Arts and Craft Show at the Brewer Auditorium in Brewer.

Sat. 10 am-5 pm. Sun 9 am- 4 pm.

December 2019 12/1

Simpson Memorial Library in Carmel, Maine Xmas in Cornville-A radio Classic' at 3 pm 12/4

Program Xmas in Cornville at Meredith Bay Colony Club in Meredith, NH at 3 pm. 12/6 & 7

Marathon: Half Craft Fair at Stern's High School Gym.

12/6 - from noon to 8 pm. Sat. 12/7 - 7:30 am to 4 pm. 12/7

John Bapst Fine Arts Boosters Craft Fair 9 am. 12/9 

Southern Aroostook Community School. The Allagash-New England's Wild River and An Allagash Haunting-A radio Classic. 2:45-4:15 pm 12/13

Pittsfield Public Library in Pittsfield, Maine. Xmas in Cornville at 11 am. Thornton Oaks in Brunswick. Xmas in Cornville-A radio Classic at 2 pm 12/14

Joyce's Craft Show at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel 2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua N.H. 9 am-3 pm.


Submitted by UCA Member Tim Caverly:

Maine Author and UpCountry Author Releases New Book.

Retired Allagash Wilderness Waterway Supervisor Tim Caverly has released his new book The Ranger’s Wife.  This this Tim’s ten book of stories based on his 32 years as a Maine Park Ranger and his 18 years as Allagash Supervisor. A sequel to his popular The Ranger and the Reporter-The Saga of Allagash Ranger James Paul Clark, Tim’s newly published work The Ranger’s Wife is a tribute to the spouses of rangers and wardens who often are involved in their partners work on the front lines of public safety and resource protection-often without recognition and ones who never receive compensation.


THE RANGER’S WIFE by Tim Caverly and Franklin Manzo, Jr.

This is the third book of a trilogy about Ranger James Clark. Relaxing on the porch of a remote log cabin, Susan Clark cradles a mug of tea. From out on lake a loon’s primeval call expresses the loneliness she feels because husband Jim is away ‘on river patrol.’ Tonight the ranger’s wife recalls that life in the woods began when very young. Such as the time her river-driver grandfather shrieked over the roar of an outboard motor, “Susan! I told you to watch for deadheads!”  The five-year old froze on her seat and scanned the foaming water; terrified she’d see decapitated skulls bobbing like spoiled pumpkins. Then, again, years later when her husband transferred into the woods and the boss had warned–“If I were you Jim, I wouldn’t leave my wife alone without a handgun.” The grandchild of a Penobscot River-driver and a grandmother—the first female cook for Great Northern Paper—Susan has spent a lifetime in the woods. But when she married wilderness Ranger James P. Clark, the lady entered a new realm. Living in Maine’s northern forest, Susan soon learned that she needed to evaluate and adapt at a moment’s notice. Physical demands are harsh, but how will she ever cope with the real-life dangers that threaten her family? Sometimes it’s ok to be alone. But then again–sometimes not!

Tim’s schedule of appearances and speaking engagements may be found under his events link at .

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