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UCA: President's Note, Kathleen Perelka

Thoughts from the President

At the meeting on February 14, the board had a good look at the treasurer’s report. And though we voted two years ago to fund three scholarships, we find we can only do two again for the second year in a row.

We made a mistake two years ago when we created the $100 ceiling on the 5% rule. It made the big earners happy and didn’t really affect the rest of us so nobody complained. Now we find we need more money for the scholarship fund if we are to follow through on our vote and award three scholarships.

I hinted last year at our big meeting, that Sunday morning while munching our donuts and sipping coffee, that we might need to increase the show fee or do something else to compensate. I don’t feel that we, as the board, can make that decision. All of you artists doing the show need to make that or any other decision concerning raising the ceiling on the 5%, or doing away with it, or increasing the show fee. I’d like you all to be thinking about that.

You are welcome to send me your thoughts and proposals. I’ll get them organized into some list that we can vote on at the October meeting when a number of you can be there. Folks can make motions, and we’ll vote them up or down until we get one that works.

Enjoy the rest of the winter!

Kathy Perelka

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