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UCA's President's Summer Note, Kathy Perelka

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Kathy Perelka, UCA President

I think we are growing stronger as an organization. When I go to art shows, I see many UpCountry Artists selling their work. And we’re the best artists there!!!

Building on that, maybe we could have some kind of signage that indicates that we are members of UpCountry Artists to display in our booths. Awareness makes us even stronger. It would also make for better and increased sales at the Sugarloaf show.

Our website is incredible, we are so fortunate to have Christy managing all that. Every

time I take a peek, it has improved since the last time. Thank you Christy and thanks for

helping those who need a jump start with websites.

Claudia’s work on the ads is outstanding! How many organizations have a graphic

designer doing their ad work? We look and are so very professional.

Karen, even with foot surgery and not able to walk for more than six weeks, has managed

the shows organizational parts. Luckily she doesn’t have to walk to do that!! But she has

such a can-do attitude that she just hobbles on and manages to get it all done.

are interested in a coop ad. And thank you, Derek Keenan for graciously organizing the

poster distribution which will take place a little later. We love you younguns!!! And we

need you!!

It will be the best show ever at Sugarloaf this fall!!! Thank you all!!

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