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UCA Scholarships: Shamira Tanguay

Shamira was one of the recipients of the 2018 UpCountry Artists scholarships. If you attended the Sugarloaf Homecoming Art Show, you may have met her at the information table.

Shamira attended Mt. Blue High school in Farmington for two years and finished at Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield. She explored different mediums, joined the Drama Team to help with costuming and set design and worked with the costumer for the Bossov Ballet. her current college courses at the Maine College of Art are Print Design for Textiles, Critical Approaches to Contemporary Art, Illustration in Context Introduction to Philosophy and Typography and Image. But she sees herself working as a costume designer for theater production.

“Currently I work a part time job and attend college which leaves less time to create. This scholarship will b put toward semester lab fees which will help immensely. I’ll have the ability to focus solely on my schoolwork and transform my ideas.”

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